Biz Analyst for Tally

With the digital revolution, the no of smartphone users has multiplied tremendously. Many applications are available for the end customer for food, travel, and entertainment but nothing for the business accounting and inventory or in other words, Tally on mobile.

The biggest question here is, Why should the Tally user move to the mobile app? The foremost purpose is convenience and reduced dependency on the accountant, thereby adding value to your business.

He/She needs an app similar to Tally that should be:

  1. A user-friendly app.

  2. Flexible and a faster mini version.

  3. Give real-time alerts and notifications.

  4. Compatible with the desktop application.

  5. Saves business owners’ precious time and efforts.

Looking at the challenges faced by the business owners and the gap in the

business community and a heavy need for a mobile app lead to the foundation of Biz Analyst.